6497 S

Mouvement AROLA 6497 S

6497 Skeleton pocket watch movement. This is the first skeleton movement that was produced by our company. Although this is a size 16 " 1/2, it is now commonly mounted in wrist watch models.

  • Caliber: Unitas 6497
  • Terminal number: S97
  • Decor of bridges: Rosenberg and illuminations
  • Screw: polished or blued steel to the flame
  • Spiral: quality I
  • Anchor wheel: polished
  • Balance: Glucidur
  • Number of jewels: 17
  • Positions of the Crown: 2
  • Movement type: manual

It is possible to obtain this movement with screw balance wheel and swan neck in option. ( as seen on the photography below).
Mouvement AROLA 6497 S
Mouvement AROLA 6497 S
With screw balance and "Swan neck" in option.
Mouvement AROLA 6497 S