Favorite links


Sites of a few prestigious watch brands:


A few sites that speak of our achievements:

  • Chronoswiss - regulator Tourbillon skeleton, Skeleton art began in Vallée de Joux, the cradle of the Swiss art of watchmaking. Marc-Aurèle Rochat, grandson of the eponymous firm's founder, is the creator, designer and constructor of this skeleton openwork, which he crafts exclusively for Chronoswiss.The bridges are lovingly hand-engraved by Rochat's 60 - year - old uncle Hervé Nelson, who has worked for more than twenty years with a hand-held burin. The final phase in his labor is to individually number each movement and to engrave the module on both sides: the dial side and the movement side. Nelson invests a minimum of 15 hours in hand-engraving each movement.
  • Some enthusiasts have their watch over twenty years (and in perfect working order) on YouTube.

Destinations for enthusiasts

Here are a few museums and even places of initiations for enthusiasts:

  • Clocksite klokhus : Welcome to the site Klokhus, watches, clocks, International Museum in 52 languages.