Watch Valley

Hello and welcome to the official website of our company. Located in the heart of the "Watch Valley", we are active in the sector of watch mechanisms. This site does not have the pretension to be a demonstration of mastery of website design, but to show the watchmaking world professionals, as well as our customers, what we are producing. We invite you to visit us regularly, as we are constantly evolving and developing new products.

Movement Marvin S Sun

The winter, long and cold, with abundant snow, was put to contribution to allow us to offer you our new skeleton movements Marvin 13 ":

Marvin S Sun

Movement AR 140

Here comes the little brother of our movement AR 165 S Sun. It's about :

AR 140 S Sun

with a size of 14 "against 16.5" for the big brother. A movement for Madame and one for Monsieur.

The movements topic introduces the movements we make and we sell separately. This allows a brand holding companies to produce their own models of watches. Some complications can be obtained in the form of modules, without the basic movement. In this case, the client can mount the module itself on its movements.

Rubric "watches" presentes watches that we make and we sell at retail. Companies holding a trademark can obtain these models in "Private Label", either with their own brand and logo printed on the dial.

Arola Alfred Rochat

The watch shows the time, but what does indicates eternity?