Favorite links


Sites of a few prestigious watch brands:

  • Aerowatch - artisan watchmakers since 1910.
  • Cimier - Une passion pour la tradition du plus bel artisanat depuis 1924.
  • ArtyA - Uniques pieces.
  • Héli Reymond - Vallée de Joux et Horlogerie Bijouterie du Lac , rue Louis de Savoie 70, 1110 Morges.
  • Claude Meylan - Vallée de Joux: sculptor of the time.
  • Chronoswiss, Lucerne, a Swiss success story.


A few sites that speak of our achievements:

  • ChronoSwiss - regulator Tourbillon skeleton, Platinen und Brücken skelettiert und handgraviert, floral Technik von Marc-Aurèle Rochat exclusiv für Chronoswiss.
  • Directory SOPJH.
  • MasterHorologer : The bridges are lovingly hand-engraved by Rochat’s 60-year-old uncle Hervé Nelson, who has worked for more than twenty years with a hand-held burin.
  • Some enthusiasts have their watch over twenty years (and in perfect working order) on YouTube.

Destinations for enthusiasts

Here are a few museums and even places of initiations for enthusiasts:
  • Watch Academy : The ultimate experience, create your own watch.
  • Caliber Corner : website presenting the calibres with a lot of informations. An encyclopedia of calibres in full progression.
  • Watch initiation Centre created by a passionate and master in the matter to the attention of the fans.
  • Watch Museum of the Vallée de Joux.
  • Watchmaking Portal : Portal Wikipedia to the attention of the watchmakers