6497 S Sun

Here is our new skeleton based on the calibre Unitas 6497.
This new skeleton is characterized by a 3/4 bridge instead of the barrel bridge and gears bridge. This 3/4 bridge comes from our own production.

It can also be obtained with a colored spacer. This gives it depth and a young note.

Here is a panel of the many possibilities (from left to right and from top to bottom):
  • Blue with rhodium wheels.
  • NAC, pink wheels and blue spacer.
  • Blue with rhodium wheels.
  • Blue, pink wheels and pink spacer.
  • NAC, black wheels and yellow spacer.
  • Blue, rhodium wheeels and red spacer.
This is obviously only a small glimpse of the innumerable possible variants.

Noir, rhodium plated wheels and red intercalary.

Black ruthenium.
Rose gold.